Download The Big Bang Theory [Season 9 Episode 23] – The Line Substitution Solution

The Line Substitution Solution

To avoid his mother Beverly and join the guys at a special Avengers screening and Q&A session, Leonard has Penny collect her from the airport. Penny tries to bond with her but is countered with condescending or psychoanalytical remarks. Beverly offers to interview Amy, Bernadette and partners for a new book on high-achieving couples, but when Bernadette suggests she interview Penny too and Beverly retorts “About what?”, Penny finally explodes and expresses her feelings at the insults. Beverly admits reacting to the insult of neither being invited to her son’s wedding nor even being informed of it. Penny suggests holding a new ceremony for Beverly, and they at last bond. Sheldon hires Stuart to shop with Amy instead of him so he can keep his place in line for the Q&A event. Amy, annoyed, pays Stuart to yell at Sheldon, and rejects Sheldon’s flowers and apology delivered by Stuart. Stuart holds Sheldon’s place in line so he can apologize to Amy in person. Sheldon’s experience is finally ruined when only he is upset about a man joining friends in the line ahead of Sheldon.

Title reference: Sheldon hires Stuart to hold his place in line while he apologizes to Amy.