Download The Big Bang Theory [Season 9 Episode 19] – The Solder Excursion Diversion

The Solder Excursion Diversion

While Leonard and Howard work in Howard’s lab, their wives join them and help with their project. After leaving to pick up more solder, the two men are invited to see a preview of Suicide Squad and decide to lie to their wives and attend. Howard spitefully texts Raj, unaware that he is in the lab with the women. Raj is ready to help the women out their husbands’ lie, but the men show up with flowers and apologize. Sheldon’s old laptop finally dies, so Amy buys him a new one. He does not want to dispose of the broken one and takes Amy to a storage facility, where he reveals that he has never thrown anything away, including clothes, broken electronics, and toothbrushes. Amy now feels closer to him. Sheldon sends her home so that he can skype with her on his new high-resolution laptop.

Title reference: Leonard and Wolowitz attending the movie screening instead of acquiring solder for their experiment.