Download The Big Bang Theory [Season 9 Episode 16] – The Positive Negative Reaction

The Positive Negative Reaction

Bernadette tells Howard she is pregnant. While he is excited at first, he begins panicking that he will be a bad parent. When Howard talks things over with the men, Sheldon is upset that a baby will change their social group. The others try to calm him down at a karaoke bar and come up with a possible way for him to make more money by expanding on Sheldon and Leonard’s research and patenting the idea. A drunk Sheldon says that, because he and Howard both grew up without fathers, Howard will know how important he is to his own child. Meanwhile, Bernadette meets with the women to tell them, though Leonard texts Penny beforehand. She is worried by Howard’s reaction, but Amy and Penny tell her life will be better with a child. Bernadette shocks them by admitting the baby was conceived on Sheldon’s bed. After their ideas for fun all turn out to be impossible to do because Bernadette is pregnant, the men invite them to sing karaoke with them. Howard and Bernadette soothe each other’s fears. Everyone takes turns singing about babies to Bernadette, while Sheldon is shocked to learn what happened in his bedroom.

Title reference: Howard’s initially negative reaction to Bernadette’s positive pregnancy test.