Download The Big Bang Theory [Season 6 Episode 24] – The Bon Voyage Reaction

The Bon Voyage Reaction

Stephen Hawking plans a North Sea expedition to find the hydrodynamic equivalent of Unruh radiation. Howard proposes Leonard for the team, though he is reluctant to leave Penny for four months. She acquiesces, whereas Sheldon, jealous of Leonard’s career move and afraid of extended solitude, vainly tries to dissuade him. On Penny’s advice, Sheldon overcomes his jealousy, later toasting Leonard supportively at his bon voyage party. Meanwhile the men want to meet Lucy, who hates meeting new people, so Raj suggests she first meet just one of them. The honor falls to Amy, the newest of the group. Amy handles Lucy well, but when Raj demands to know the status of their relationship, Lucy escapes to the bathroom. Later, Lucy reluctantly agrees to go to Leonard’s party, but instead texts Raj there to break up with him, reducing him to tears. Later, after driving Leonard to the airport, Penny visits Raj to console him. When he says he is unlovable, Penny says the alcohol is talking – yet Raj has been abstinent since Lucy broke up with him. Both are amazed and happy to realize Raj has finally overcome his selective mutism. The episode ends with Raj annoying the women by talking non-stop about Lucy.

Title reference: The others’ reaction to Leonard leaving for an overseas job for the summer.