Download The Big Bang Theory [Season 6 Episode 23] – The Love Spell Potential

The Love Spell Potential

The women head to Las Vegas for the weekend and Lucy is busy, so the men play Dungeons and Dragons with Howard as a new dungeon master. When Lucy texts Raj that she is free, he kills his own character to leave the game, and joins her for a date. It goes well until he tries to force Lucy to reject her crab cakes. She heads for the washroom and climbs out of the window, but is trapped behind a chain link fence and calls Raj for help. He confronts her for always walking out of their dates but says he loves her for having even more emotional problems than he. They kiss through the fence. Meanwhile, at Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment, the men’s game is interrupted by the women, who could not board their Vegas flight as Amy assaulted a TSA officer who “groped” her. They join the game. All is fine until Howard asks the characters of Sheldon and Amy to have sex, upsetting Amy, who feels the others are mocking her non-sexual relationship with Sheldon. She locks herself in Sheldon’s room. He joins Amy to console her, explaining that he finds their relationship “intimate” despite not having sex. He has also not ruled out having sex with her one day. They then simulate a sex scene with their game characters.

Title reference: The love spell put upon Sheldon and Amy’s characters in their Dungeons and Dragons game.