Download The Big Bang Theory [Season 6 Episode 22] – The Proton Resurgence

The Proton Resurgence

Sheldon and Leonard find out Dr. Arthur Jefferies aka Professor Proton, who hosted a children’s science show they loved as kids, does children’s parties. He accepts an invitation to perform in their apartment. He finds it odd to do a children’s show for physicists but enjoys performing for Penny, liking her, though he wants to leave when her ignorance of science makes him wonder whatever she and Leonard talk about. He admits disillusion about his TV persona, as other scientists never took him seriously despite his Cornell PhD. He is however encouraged to hear Sheldon and Leonard became physicists because of him. He is taken to hospital with a sudden pacemaker problem, and asks Sheldon to represent him at a Korean child’s birthday party the next day as he feels too unwell. Sheldon, flattered, now regards Professor Proton as his “father”. Meanwhile, Raj has Howard and Bernadette care for his Yorkshire Terrier Cinnamon while he is at the telescope lab for the weekend, but they lose Cinnamon in the park. Someone else finds her and contacts Raj. He lambastes them for losing her, but on hearing Cinnamon was found hours earlier, Bernadette makes Raj feel guilty for letting them worry so long.

Title Reference: “Professor Proton” re-enters Sheldon and Leonard’s lives after being their childhood hero.