Download The Big Bang Theory [Season 6 Episode 21] – The Closure Alternative

The Closure Alternative

Sheldon is upset when the SyFy television series Alphas is cancelled on a cliffhanger, and he unsuccessfully calls the SyFy network to get it back on air. Amy decides to teach him to overcome his “closure” obsession: she forcefully stops him finishing various tasks just before the end. He hides his fury and pretends to be cured, but once Amy leaves, he completes each task she interrupted. Meanwhile Leonard, hoping to find one common interest with Penny, asks her to watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer with him. She pretends to enjoy it to avoid hurting his feelings. Penny reveals to Bernadette that, unlike Leonard, she has no passions, but hopes to change this. During dinner with Leonard, she realizes she is passionate about him and his friends, even Sheldon. Elsewhere, Raj is upset that Lucy’s blog post about their date describes him as “a little feminine”. Howard confirms Raj is effeminate, but says this could be to his advantage with Lucy. Raj rejects his advice: when he cooks at home on a date with Lucy he tries to be more masculine, but just creeps her out. Just as she is about to walk out, he explains he read her blog. She says he is feminine in a “good way”, being sweet, thoughtful, with a “skin like caramel”.

Title Reference: Amy conducts a series of exercises to help Sheldon resolve his “closure” issues.