Download The Big Bang Theory [Season 6 Episode 20] – The Tenure Turbulence

The Tenure Turbulence

After Professor Tupperman’s death, Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Kripke fight for his tenured position and try to impress Janine Davis, Caltech’s HR administrator and head of the tenure committee. Leonard and Kripke exercise with her at the gym to talk to her, but Leonard suffers an asthma attack. Raj sends her a 90-minute video autobiography. Sheldon gives her a DVD of the TV miniseries Roots to make up for his racist comments in The Egg Salad Equivalency but when she doesn’t appreciate it, he offends her by asking “you are black, right?”. Sheldon, Leonard and Raj attend Tupperman’s memorial service, Sheldon and Leonard taking Amy and Penny to impress the tenure committee. On their encounter before the memorial service they lash out at each other, even Amy and Penny joining in. The fight stops only when Leonard realizes he would rather lose the tenured post than lose his friends. The five decide to leave, but stay after observing Kripke flatter Mrs. Davis. Sheldon, Leonard and Raj are eventually shortlisted for the tenured position purely on the basis of their accomplishments. Sheldon thanks Mrs. Davis, but offends her yet again by offering her a supposed “traditional black handshake”.

Title reference: The new tenured position that opens causes turbulence among Leonard, Sheldon, and Raj who are all potential candidates for it.