Download The Big Bang Theory [Season 6 Episode 19] – The Closet Reconfiguration

The Closet Reconfiguration

Sheldon is tricked into tidying Howard and Bernadette’s closet during their dinner party. He finds and reads a letter to Howard on his 18th birthday from his long-lost father. Howard destroys the letter without reading it and otherwise acts strangely. The others trick Sheldon into revealing the letter’s content. When Howard finds out everyone knows but him, he storms out of Leonard’s and Penny’s dinner party. Sheldon invokes quantum superposition to tell Howard without actually doing so: each person devises a version of the letter’s content, but only one is actually true. Raj says his father sent him a birthday card; Sheldon mentions a map to One-Eyed Willy’s lost pirate treasure (this is actually the plot for The Goonies); Amy says his father secretly attended his son’s high school graduation and was so proud he cried; Penny says his father’s “other life” caught up with him so he left his family for their safety; Leonard says his father wrote of the importance of family, and that Howard should never abandon his family as he did; Bernadette describes a photo of Howard’s father holding him as a baby with the words “Howard, my son, my greatest gift”. Howard is pleased, wishing all versions were true, and returns to his happy self.

Title reference: Sheldon organizes Howard and Bernadette’s closet.