Download The Big Bang Theory [Season 6 Episode 18] – The Contractual Obligation Implementation

The Contractual Obligation Implementation

As part of their Caltech contracts, Leonard, Sheldon and Howard must serve on a committee that promotes science among young women. Neither Sheldon nor Howard are interested, but on Leonard’s cajoling, Sheldon suggests focusing on middle school girls and inspiring them to pursue science after completing school. They implement their ideas at Howard’s old middle school but cannot enthuse the girls for science, so Sheldon calls Amy and Bernadette, both scientists, to talk to the class by phone about careers in science. The women have meanwhile skipped work to go to Disneyland and be made up as Disney princesses. All want to be Cinderella, but Bernadette insists she be Cinderella since she planned the trip and drove them there, so Penny is Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and Amy is Snow White. Back home, Bernadette’s and Penny’s costumes turn on their partners. Amy, still in her Snow White costume, wants Sheldon to awaken her with a kiss, but he is not interested. Elsewhere, Raj and Lucy have a “texting date” in the library: they interact by texting to circumvent their social problems. At the end of their date Lucy wants to kiss Raj, but gets shy before doing so. Raj is impressed, counting it as foreplay.

Title reference: Leonard, Sheldon and Howard’s obligations in their contracts to help promote science, in this case, to middle school girls.