Download The Big Bang Theory [Season 6 Episode 16] – The Tangible Affection Proof

The Tangible Affection Proof

On Valentine’s Day, Leonard & Penny share a dinner date with Howard & Bernadette, who are in a foul mood as she hid his Xbox when he played Assassin’s Creed instead of doing the laundry. Leonard & Penny are happy until she sees an ex-boyfriend propose to a girlfriend, triggering an argument with Leonard who later confronts her for ruining their date: she fears he will one day propose before she is ready. He suggests she propose to him when ready; he will not propose again. Meanwhile, Sheldon has Alex buy a Valentine gift for Amy. Alex buys three: a harp-shaped music box with Amy’s favorites; a map of The Canterbury Tales journeys; a signed print of a brain cell drawing by Santiago Ramon y Cajal. He picks the print but keeps it. Amy suggests celebrating as he’d wish: no romance or gifts; a pizza; a Star Trek or Star Wars DVD. Touched, he makes her his emergency contact. Her delight turns to annoyance at frequent work interruptions to tend his hypochondria. Elsewhere, Raj and Stuart, both without dates that day, throw a store party for fellow singles, where Raj orates that singles are not truly alone, having one other – but when guest Lucy praises his speech, he asks her out for coffee, derides singles, and leaves with her.

Title reference: Each of the couples shows some tangible affection to each other during this special Valentine’s Day episode.