Download The Big Bang Theory [Season 6 Episode 14] – The Cooper/Kripke Inversion

The Cooper/Kripke Inversion

Howard and Raj order customized action figures of themselves but receive highly unrealistic models. They then buy a used 3D printer for $5000 to make precise figures of themselves and Bernadette. She is delighted with the figures of Howard and herself until she hears how much Howard paid for the printer. She removes Howard from their joint account to teach him the value of money; he sells his half of the printer to Raj. Meanwhile, Sheldon and Kripke are forced to work together on a fusion reactor project. To Sheldon’s dismay, Kripke’s work is far superior and more advanced than his. He is so upset he even allows Amy to hug him. Kripke confronts him over his poor work, but thinks incessant sex with Amy is the cause. Sheldon surprisingly supports this erroneous theory to prevent colleagues discovering he is not the smartest person in Caltech. That evening he shocks Penny with an incredible revelation: it’s a “possibility” that he could one day have a physical relationship with Amy.

Title reference: Barry and Sheldon trade roles: Kripke does superior work and asks inappropriate questions in a Sheldon-like manner; Sheldon takes a Barry-like interest in normal human socialization.