Download The Big Bang Theory [Season 6 Episode 13] – The Bakersfield Expedition

The Bakersfield Expedition

Leonard drives the other men to the Bakersfield Comic-Con, making an unscheduled stop at Vasquez Rocks where Star Trek: The Original Series was filmed, to photograph themselves as Star Trek: The Next Generation characters, but someone steals Leonard’s car with their clothes and phones. The four, stranded in the Californian desert without regular clothes and with no means of transport or communication, try to hitch a ride to Bakersfield, but no-one stops for them. They walk to a nearby diner where they report the theft to a police officer. Demoralized, the four skip Comic-Con and return to Pasadena in a car hired by Howard’s mother. Meanwhile, the women wonder why the men like comics and superheroes, stuff they believe to be for kids only. To understand why, they buy comics at the comic book store to read in Penny’s apartment. To resolve a heated argument over Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, they then read Leonard and Sheldon’s comics in their apartment. In a final scene, two car thieves enjoy the interstate highway quiz Sheldon programmed into Leonard’s car navigation system.

Title reference: The men’s journey to the Bakersfield Comic Con.