Download The Big Bang Theory [Season 5 Episode 23] – The Launch Acceleration

The Launch Acceleration

Howard receives a call from NASA saying that his mission to the International Space Station has been cancelled due to problems with the Soyuz capsule during a pressurization test. He is ecstatic as he is actually terrified of going to space and looks forward to his wedding. However he later receives another call from NASA saying that he will be sent to space after all as they want his telescope on the International Space Station, though his launch date will be pushed up to the Friday before his wedding. He decides to talk to Bernadette’s father to postpone the wedding. To his surprise, Mike strongly approves of him going to space and reveals that he did not think that he was suitable for Bernadette until he heard about the space mission. Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny decide to take their “beta test” relationship to the next level by having sex. However Leonard proposes to Penny during sex as a result of which Penny becomes extremely upset. After unsuccessfully trying to pacify her, he leaves her apartment. Later when the couple meet each other in the apartment stairwell, Penny says no to Leonard’s wedding proposal, though they will still date. Elsewhere, Amy tries to use transference to increase Sheldon’s feelings for her by making him happy using his love for various other topics (his mother’s cooking, video games etc.). Amy’s actions seem to work on Sheldon who is not happy about it but makes no attempt to stop her.

Title Reference: Howard’s NASA launch being bumped up two days before his wedding.