Download The Big Bang Theory [Season 5 Episode 22] – The Stag Convergence

The Stag Convergence

The guys are planning Howard’s bachelor party. Howard tells them that no strippers should be hired for the party, as he had promised Bernadette. Stuart, Kripke and Wil Wheaton are also invited. At the party, everyone offers a toast. A drunk Raj talks about his friendship with Howard revealing various and sundry things about Howard. Wheaton records Raj’s entire speech and uploads it onto YouTube. When Bernadette, who doesn’t know anything about Howard’s perverted and womanizing past, sees the video, she becomes extremely upset and becomes unsure about marrying a man that she doesn’t seem to know. She even becomes upset at Penny because she was the one who introduced her to Howard, despite knowing about Howard’s past. She confines herself to her bedroom, not returning Howard’s calls. Howard gives Penny a message to pass on to Bernadette saying that he is sorry, that he is as disgusted by his past as she is and credits her for reforming him, which reduces Penny to tears, moved by the genuineness of his apology. When Bernadette hears this, she immediately forgives him, though she is still mad at him, and adds that the wedding will still take place. The episode ends with Leonard wanting to have sex with Penny in the laundry room, which she refuses.

Title reference: The guys coming together for Howard’s bachelor party.