Download The Big Bang Theory [Season 5 Episode 15] – The Friendship Contraction

The Friendship Contraction

Sheldon keeps Leonard awake all night with a quarterly disaster preparedness drill. The next day, a tired Leonard refuses to take Sheldon to the dentist as he wants to sleep. Leonard then invokes Section 209 in the Roommate Agreement, which reduces his friendship with Sheldon to an acquaintance, freeing him from his obligations to Sheldon. It soon turns out that Sheldon is stranded without Leonard, as none of his other friends are willing to help him. One night, when the power goes off, Sheldon tries to win back Leonard by showing him an extensive emergency kit, but the latter prefers to go over to Penny’s apartment for wine. Sheldon comes over and offers Leonard s’mores and water (distilled from urine) if he accepts him as a friend again. Leonard refuses, but Penny feels sorry for Sheldon and advises Leonard to reconcile with him. Leonard then tells Sheldon that he would accept him as a friend again if he appreciates what he does for him once in a while. Sheldon provides a counter-proposal, offering to celebrate “Leonard’s Day” once a year, where Leonard’s achievements would be acknowledged. Leonard agrees and reconciles with Sheldon, who then indirectly reveals that he is responsible for cutting the power to the entire apartment so that he could win back Leonard’s friendship. Meanwhile, Howard is anxious as to what nickname the other astronauts in his space mission are going to give him. Raj attempts to get them to choose the nickname “Rocket Man” (an Elton John song) by having Howard change his ringtone to that song and then calling him during a conference call with Mike Massimino. This backfires as during the call, Howard’s mother yells that his Froot Loops are getting soggy, and he ends up with “Froot Loops” as his new moniker.

Title reference: Leonard and Sheldon’s relationship is reduced from friends to mere acquaintances.