Download The Big Bang Theory [Season 5 Episode 14] – The Beta Test Initiation

The Beta Test Initiation

Leonard and Penny have started dating again. With Penny wanting to take things slow and Leonard determined to ensure that their relationship works out this time, they agree to an alpha test relationship – instead of them arguing with each other, they highlight each other’s faults and work on them. However this goes poorly as Leonard gives Penny a huge list of her faults, while Penny retaliates by giving Leonard a huge list of his faults. When he tries to patch things up by taking her target shooting, he accidentally shoots himself in the shoe, barely missing his toe. Later Penny assures him that their relationship is progressing smoothly. Meanwhile, Raj buys a new iPhone 4S and falls in love with its Siri as it is a female voice he can speak to without being drunk. He starts making decisions only after consulting Siri and even defends it after Kripke criticizes it for giving erroneous answers on his iPhone 4S (due to his rhotacism). Later Raj has a nightmare in which he finally meets Siri, who is a beautiful woman, but cannot talk to her due to his selective mutism. Elsewhere, Sheldon and Amy start a podcast about flags titled “Fun With Flags”. Amy provides some suggestions during the podcast, which Sheldon unexpectedly accepts, indicating a deep bond between the two.

Title reference: Leonard proposes to re-establish the relationship with Penny as an alpha test experiment to iron out all the bugs in their relationship, but Penny mistakenly calls it a beta test.