Download Friends [Season 7 Episode 19] – The One with Ross and Monica’s Cousin

The One with Ross and Monica’s Cousin

Ross and Monica’s gorgeous cousin, Cassie (Denise Richards) comes to visit, and Chandler, Ross, and Phoebe become attracted to her. Rachel and Phoebe quickly throw together a bridal shower for Monica. Joey auditions for a part which is perfect for him, apart from the fact it calls for an uncircumcised actor (which Joey is not). Upon finding out he lied about his ‘downstairs’ area, Monica tries to fix it so he can still get the part, using a variety of methods including Silly Putty and cold cuts.
Note: The sub-plot where Joey auditions for the role of an uncircumcised man was originally written for The One with Barry and Mindy’s Wedding but the story was changed on the advice of network censors, who thought it was tasteless.[2][page needed]