Download Friends [Season 7 Episode 15] – The One with Joey’s New Brain

The One with Joey’s New Brain

Joey’s Days of our Lives character has another character’s brain transplanted into his body, and tells the actress by accident. Using his charm, Joey and the actress work to maintain the character’s legacy, and they sleep together. Ross cooks up a special surprise for the wedding: dreadful bagpipe playing. Meanwhile, after finding a cute guy’s phone, Phoebe and Rachel compete over who gets to keep the phone to start ‘a fairytale for the digital age’. Later, an elderly gentleman claims the phone, and Phoebe happily goes to dinner with him, finding him more attractive than the young man whose phone they thought it was.
Note: Matt LeBlanc was nervous about performing with Susan Sarandon. Similarly, Kevin Bright was cautious about directing, as Tim Robbins attended the studio recording.