Download Powers [Season 2 Episode 10] – Legacy


SuperShock is lured to Powers Division, demanding they hand over The Ghost, but on seeing Morrison denies that it is his old arch-enemy. Pilgrim instinctually uses her borrowed powers to kill Morrison, but afterwards is hospitalized by SuperShock. The New Unity find SuperShock and ask him to allow them to take over his work; he says the world would be better without powers, and they fight. Despite the heroes’ efforts, Supershock is more than a match for their combined might and defeats them all. Walker confronts SuperShock as Diamond, trying to calm him down, but Supershock remains focused on killing the youngsters, after which he says he’ll go after Morrison. Walker gets his attention claiming to have been Morrison the whole time, stating that it will only end when they are both dead. At Walker’s prompt SuperShock is goaded into flying them both into the sun. In the midst of the panic, Brown’s Anti-Powers Legislation is brought to an emergency session of Congress, where it is declared that all Powers will be prohibited from operating in public. During the post-credits, Walker is revealed to have apparently survived, and is being monitored by unknown specimens; who have apparently done so for “ten iterations.” One tells the other to put him through the second trial to find out what he is really made of; the screen fades to white, followed by Walker’s scream.