Download Powers [Season 1 Episode 9] – Level 13

Level 13

Walker informs Pilgrim, Cross and TripHammer of Johnny Royalle’s proposal to kill Wolfe, and they set a trap to neutralize and arrest Royalle in Wolfe’s cell. Walker later informs Royalle of this, claiming it was the only way to get close to Wolfe. Royalle gains Calista’s release and she attempts to comfort Krispin at his mother’s funeral but he sends her away when he sees she brought Royalle. Walker and Royalle infiltrate The Shaft and Royalle is trapped under the Drainer in Wolfe’s cell, but as Walker confronts Wolfe (to get his powers back) he finds it is an imposter. With Royalle in custody, the real Wolfe is ordered back to his cell but Simons, earlier freed by Royalle to create diversions, kills his guards. Wolfe drains Simons, overpowers TripHammer, and confronts Walker, telling him that he needs to talk to both Walker and Royalle.