Download Powers [Season 1 Episode 10] – [email protected]#K the Big Chiller

[email protected]#K the Big Chiller

Zora fights Wolfe on the streets but is severely beaten. Wolfe goes to Royalle’s club where the Powers Kids have gathered, and tells Calista that she is something special. Pilgrim evacuates the kids but they do not get far as Wolfe drains them all, gaining enormous power. Royalle teleports Wolfe several thousand feet up and drops him through the roof. RetroGirl tries to fight Wolfe but is overpowered. Desperate, Walker holds an explosive Drainer between himself and Wolfe and sets it off, suppressing Wolfe’s powers while losing any hope of regaining his own. Wolfe seems to send the last of his power to Calista before Royalle seizes the opportunity to teleport Wolfe’s head off his body. Royalle is hailed as the hero and pardoned. RetroGirl recovers while Zora is stabilized at hospital. Krispin and Kaotic Chic are shown plotting, after which Walker is called to a murder scene where RetroGirl’s body lies on a sheet with “Kaotic Chic” on it. Calista again steps off the roof from the first episode, and with red eyes takes flight.