Download Grey’s Anatomy [Season 9 Episode 14] – The Face of Change

The Face of Change

In order to sell the hospital, Dr. Cahill suggests finding a photogenic doctor to be “the face of the hospital” in the advertising campaign to attract prospective buyers. During a date with Matthew, April rides along on a call to help a badly injured boy; with the nearest ER too far away, they secretly bring him back to Seattle Grace. With Dr. Cahill busy showing the hospital to the prospective buyers, Pegasus, April and the other attendings go behind Chief Hunt’s back to pull off the surgery. Meanwhile, Callie and Richard go “undercover” to Portland General, another hospital owned by Pegasus, and learn discouraging things about their management practices, leading to Callie proposing a surprising plan. Alex and Jackson operate on a transgender teenager whose father doesn’t want him to transition.