Download Grey’s Anatomy [Season 9 Episode 12] – Walking on a Dream

Walking on a Dream

Dr. Alana Cahill, a financial advisor, is hired to find ways to save the hospital money. Meredith tries to deal with unpredictable pregnancy hormones while trying to save the life of a pregnant woman in dire need of a new liver. Arizona, Alex, and Cristina operate on a little girl from the hospital’s Africa program. Owen helps Arizona deal with phantom leg syndrome as she begins feeling pain in her no longer existing leg. Derek returns to performing surgeries and operates on an old patient with a brain tumor. April is asked out on a date by a paramedic. Meredith faces her fear of flying when she has to fly to Oregon to get a liver for her patient while dealing with her pregnancy hormones. At a staff meeting, Dr. Cahill explains that the only way to help save the hospital from closing its doors is to shut down the ER.